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Allergy4u (as the name implies) is focused on allergy – the medicine and business. Our goal is to help clients minimize costs – and generate more revenue – while offering the best treatment for their allergy patients.

Over the last 2 years COVID has devastated many clinics, but the allergy department has not only maintained quality of life for patients, but has carried the financial burden when elective procedures were shutdown. This is what Allergy4u wants to help with as we start 2022 in what seems to be the never ending impact of COVID.

Pam Lowry, RN has been working with allergy clinics for over 40 years and specializes in setting up new allergy departments and keeping them running. She is unique in that she has worked in an ENT allergy clinic and attends training conferences every year so she can teach and train what is currently being taught by the AAOA and other allergy organizations.

If you are interested in optimizing, expanding or adding allergy in your clinic please Register and we will notify you about the topics you are interested in. We WILL NOT share any of your information with anyone outside Allergy4u.