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  • Allergy Clinic Setup
  • Allergy Support
  • Allergy Training
  • MQT Testing
  • Skin Testing
  • SLIT - Drops (ProNet, Inc.) was founded in 1999 by Pam Lowry, RN.  She has been involved with allergy since 1977 and has trained many Officers and Members of the AAOA, AAAAI, Pan American Allergy Society, and American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

In addition to SET (serial endpoint titration), now IDT, Pam has utilized and taught many other allergy techniques that include MQT (modified quantitative testing), SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy), and RAST-based immunotherapy.

Pam is unique in the field of allergy in that she actively works in an ENT allergy clinic and attends training conferences every year so she can teach and train what is currently being taught by the AAOA, AAAAI, ACAAI and other allergy organizations.