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Designing, starting and running an Allergy Program is a lot like building a house – you better know what you are doing and have a solid foundation.

Everyone involved with our firm is active in their area of expertise and has years of experience.   You will be working with someone who has hands-on knowledge of what they are discussing – they practice it.

Allergy NOW!

This program (members only) is designed to save money AND keep allergy departments up and running.  

  • Members save money thru the Buying Group purchases.
  • Member clinics can send staff members to refresher training classes.
  • Member Physicians can consult with other allergy providers in their Specialty.
  • URGENT Supply Program – offers 2nd day delivery of primary extracts and ancillary supplies.

Allergy Test Drive (ATD)

This program offers a clinic the option to experience what an allergy program is.  Everything from patient selection and testing to comprehensive treatment options – you can evaluate and judge for yourself if offering allergy services is right for your practice and patients.

The ATD program provides everything from supplies and Physician consulting to on-site staff training and 30-day post-setup support.  There are enough supplies to test 25 patients and treat up to 5 of those patients.

On-site Training

This is our specialty!!!  Over the course of two days we will have your office completely set up, trained and ready to offer allergy services.  This is hands-on training – your staff, your supplies, your patients.   We have been setting up offices since 1999 and offer 6 months of post-training support (phone and email) for Physicians and staff.


If you would just like to ask a few questions, we would be glad to spend 10-15 minutes on the phone with you.  We do this with no charge and no obligation.