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Designing, starting and running an Allergy Program is a lot like building a house – you better know what you are doing and have a solid foundation.

Everyone involved with Allergy4u is active in their area of expertise and has years of experience. You will be working with someone who has hands-on knowledge of what they are discussing – they practice it.

New Allergy Department Consulting

This service is for ENT clinics that are thinking of adding allergy services to their practice. We work for you as a “general contractor” to help design and successfully launch the program.

  • Staff and Physical Space Requirements
  • Products and Pricing Recommendations
  • Revenue and Billing

On-site Training

This is our specialty!!! Over the course of two days we will have your office completely set up, trained and ready to offer allergy services. This is hands-on training – your staff, your supplies, your patients. We have been setting up offices since 1999 and offer 6 months of post-training support (phone and email) for Physicians and staff that have been trained.


If you would just like to ask a few questions, we would be glad to spend 15-30 minutes on the phone with you. We do this with no charge and no obligation.